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Who Is Tahli ? 

Hi everyone! My name is Tahli (well that's how my mother says it when she's feeling the love, my rock), but by law it's Tahlia. I am a NASM Certified Personal trainer, ATLET Performance coach, and lifelong athlete. From since I could walk I have always been active. I’m a Wichita, Ks kid that played multiple sports growing up, dating back to the age of six. Basketball and track followed me throughout high school and became two passions I fell in love with; winning many accolades in both. 


In 2013 I moved to Dallas, TX on a full ride basketball scholarship to the University of Texas at Arlington. Not only was I fulfilling my dream to play Division 1 basketball, I had set myself up to find my next life passion. While attending I received my bachelors degree in Kinesiology- Exercise Science. Strength and Performance Training became my passion when I realized I could help more people, and live the lifestyle I love. 


Growing up I knew who I was and what my personality brought. While playing in college I loved the grind each day brought, the hard work, the discipline you put yourself through and the joy from my hard works. I also experienced lows throughout my training, that I had to learn and experience to know I really do love this life. Not only could I perform great but I felt great as well through it all. 


After basketball I became a sports performance coach and personal trainer to the general population at Equinox, Dallas. I knew then this was my joy to the world. I loved training my body and the mindset every single day. I also loved helping others see success. Helping them on whichever journey they wanted to take. 


Throughout my journey to get here, I’ve gained so much knowledge on life.  Its taught me to be human and genuine first and the rest will work its magic. My mission is to help motivate, support and educate you on principles of a healthy lifestyle. I want to share my knowledge with anyone who wants to get healthier, get stronger, and become confident in their own skin. It doesn’t matter if this is day one for you, or preparations for a marathon, I will go the extra mile for you! You will gain a friend, confidence, those body goals you set and an ambience no one can take. 



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This Is My Why.... It's really Me vs. Me

"Sooo.. I had 90% limited mobility in my legs and arms for 2 days from your Killer Workout! I was loving every bit of that soreness. Lol
- Mucho Gracias" 

DarNecia Bennet

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